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private chef

Cooking in restaurants around the globe for over 17 years has helped me discover my passion for curating personal dining experiences as a private chef.

Supporting local farmers, combining my ideas with their beautiful produce, and collaborating with clients who value nourishment, is one of my greatest joys.

recipe testing and development

Experimenting in the kitchen is utilizing, testing and creating delicious and approachable recipes from products I can stand behind with eco-conscious visions and forward-thinking business models.

Available to assist with developing food concepts desiring a fresh outlook whether in early-stage or already in-store.

meal prep + delivery

I’m delighted to prepare all weekly meals or simply a drop-off menu for a special occasion.

I draw from plant-forward dishes, sourcing my ingredients from hyper-seasonal local farmers markets in addition to my own backyard culinary garden. I’m happy to cater to any and all food preferences, allergies, or food restrictions.

chef consultation

I have consulted in this capacity both domestically and overseas with clients including restaurants, cocktail bars, exclusive eco-resorts and non-profit annual fundraisers. 

Whether for a new restaurant, a seasonal menu update, or a special event in need of dining direction, one of my greatest passions is menu development.

yoga instruction

After 10 years cooking on the line in restaurants, experiencing chronic back pain and seeking a sustainable solution, I pursued Yoga Teacher Training on Maui, Hawaii. This was a way to both heal my own body, and begin a career healing others through movement, body awareness, postural correction, and mindfulness.


I gravitate towards outdoor yoga and have led countless Goat Yoga classes, supporting animal sanctuaries and combining the healing power of yoga with the heart-opening experience of animal therapy.


Write me below to say hi or ask about my services. 

I would love to hear from you.

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